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“We bought this card game to play at our bar and the bar guests LOVE it! Such a hit! Highly recommend.”

Jerk Your Memory Mascot

Rhum Shak & Back of the Shak

Jerk Your Memory Card Game


Jerk Your Memory

Game Night!

In the back of Rhum Shak

in Lake Worth, Every Tuesday!

Hi Fuckface.png
Hi Fuckface.png


Object of the Game
   The goal is to win the most set of cards. A set is any four of a kind, such as four Anal Beads, four Cum Socks, and so forth.


The Setup

   When playing with 2-3 players, each player is dealt 7 cards each. With 4 or more players each player is dealt 6 cards each. After dealing, the remaining cards are placed face down as they now become the pickup pile.

The Play
   One player picks an opponent and asks, for example, "Do you have any Daddy Issues". If the opponent has the card asked for, they must give the asking player all of that type of card they possess. (When asking for a card, the asking player must have at least one of that kind in their hand). The first player continues their turn questioning, which may be with either the same opponent or a different one. If the opponent does not have the card asked for, they reply “go fuck yourself,” and then the asking player picks up the top card from the deck. The game play then moves to the person to their left. Once a player has all 4 cards of a set, they must place them face-up. The game ends when all 13 sets are complete, the winner being the player with the most sets.

During game play, if a player is left without cards, they may draw from the pickup pile; if this is during their turn, they pick up a card, but their turn ends. If there are no cards left to select from, they are out of the game.


End of Game
   The losers drink a beer for a 5 second count or take a shot of liquor.


Extra Drinking Rule

   Every time someone completes a set they can choose another opponent to drink, (2-3 second count for a beer or half a shot of liquor). However the same person can not be chosen to drink twice in a roll.

Disclaimer: The rules for drinking are not mandatory and certainly not allowed if your under the drinking age. We are not responsible for your actions as we generally want you to have a great time laughing & playing Jerk Your Memory!

Jerk Your Memory Joker
Hi Fuckface.png
Hi Fuckface.png
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